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Lunascape Is Faster Than Firefox 3.5, Shows Latest Benchmark Tests

Even through Firefox is our favorite browser here at AddictiveTips, we are always open to testing new browsers and using them open heartedly. We reviewed Lunascape browser version 5.0 last year, but it has come a long way since then.

Yuki Sekiguchi, the COO at Lunascape contacted me a few days back giving me an update of their latest version of the browser(version 5.1.3). He mentions that, “It is equipped with the latest rendering engines, including that same version of Gecko with Firefox 3.5.1 (security hole patched version) and we achieved even faster JavaScript speed than Firefox itself.”

Before rushing to the conclusion, I demanded the Sunspider Benchmark tests and it seems that they really do beat Firefox by a small margin. Here are the benchmark info that he provided. Note that Internet Explorer 8 has a long way to go before they can beat even Lunascape, they should save their marketing budget and hire more developers.

Overall Speed

sunspider javascript benchmark

Startup Speed

lunascape launch speed

Now go ahead and give Lunascape a try and let us know what you think about it.

Download Lunascape Browser



  1. I tried it today and it’s actually great. I’m not that type who always switch with browsers (I stayed only in Firefox) but I think I can get the hang of staying at Lunascape.

  2. Why do we need one more useless browser? By useless I mean there is chrome and safari out there if you want webkit browser. For most of Firefox users those javascript tests means much less then the functionality that Firefox addons provides you with.

    • @Ray You are an idiot. You must change your attitude dude…Lunascape is great, (in fact I am a lover of Firefox) and you have to agree it.

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