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Macro Recorder Plugin For Google Chrome

Macros are just awesome, we explained how you can use Macro in Excel 2010, Word 2010, etc to record and then play repetitive tasks. Now the guys behind iMacros add-on for Firefox have ported their extension to Google Chrome.

Yes, you can now use Macros on Google Chrome to perform repetitive tasks. The usage is dead-simple, all you have to do is click the iMacros icon to bring up the pop-up window. To begin recording a macro, hit the Record button and start performing any tasks, when done, hit the Icon next to the address bar or hit Stop in the Macro pop-up window.

After a macro is ended, you will be shown a Macro Editor where you can finalize the changes, such as, add or remove a step. Now hit the Save As & Close button, give this Macro a name, and hit OK.

Google Chrome Macro

You will see the macro added to the list. Please note that Macros are saved as bookmarks. If you want to delete a macro, head over to the Bookmark Manager, open the iMacros folder and you will find all saved Macros inside.

Macro Bookmark

Some users will be reluctant to use it because it could be a security problem if they want to record a macro on a secure website which requires password. But thankfully, iMacros has an option to encrypt the typed passwords.

iMacros Preferences

You can always edit the Macro later after saving. It has an option to play the Macro on loop too along with an option to select the number of loops to perform.

Download iMacros for Chrome Extension


  1. Can I also record mouse-clicks that don’t open a hyperlink. I play a game in which I need to do a lot of mouse-clicks. I tested the plug-in for chrome and the mouse-clicks were not recorded.

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