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Microsoft Word 2010 Spacing

Spacing is very important while creating documents as it impacts the outlook  and presentation of the document. You can easily increase or decrease the spacing between paragraphs, lines, and even words in Microsoft Word 2010.

How To Modify Spacing Between Paragraphs

It is very easy to change the spacing before or after any particular paragraph or set of paragraphs. Simply select the paragraph(s) for which you are going to change the spacing and click on the Page Layout tab, here find the Paragraph group. Now choose the new spacing values in the form of points here.

Paragraph Spacing

How To Modify Spacing Between Lines

We have described the method of changing the space before and after the paragraph in the above section. Lets see how we can change the line spacing in your document. It is also very easy, click the Home menu and go to the Paragraph section here, and in the Line Spacing option, choose the new spacing that you need. You can double the line spacing by choosing 2 or triple it by choose 3 and so on.

Line Spacing

You can also remove spacing before or after the paragraph from this option. Enjoy!

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