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Make A Panorama And Share It Instantly With CleVR Stitcher

CleVR Stitcher is a cross-platform Adobe Air Runtime application that lets you stitch multiple pictures to create a panorama. This app is part of CleVR website, so you will have to first sign-up with them and then click Stitch A Panorama to download the app. By signing up you get additional benefits, such as uploading your created panorama and then sharing it with friends, family, and co-workers.

Once the app has been installed, you can login with the Clever account so that you can upload the panoramas later, but this is just an optional feature. Drag your photos to the empty box or click Choose Images, there are no limits on the number of pictures you can add.

clevr stitcher main -  adding photo

Once the pictures have been added, you can reverse their order, rotate them, and finally stitch them together. Click Stitch to begin processing the photos and it will finally create the panorama.

saving panorama image

You can now either save it as jpeg format or upload it to the CleVR website from where you can then share it with your friends. There is also a build-in option to enhance the image quality by dragging the bar, this is useful when the image is under or over exposed. Also don’t forget to check out Microsoft Composite Editor to create a seamless panorama. Enjoy!

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