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Manage Your Clipboard In Firefox With Clipple [Extension]

Clipple is a Firefox extension which lets you manage your clipboard from the right-click context menu. All copied text is saved in this menu and can be accessed quickly.

It adds a right-click context menu item “Clipple-Paste”, from where you can access all of you recent data which you have copied to clipboard

Google - Mozilla Firefox_2010-09-20_14-49-23

Clipple allows you to save up to 40 recent entries copied to the clipboard, you can also customize the number of recent entries, change maximum length of text, ignore passwords, and save the session. One more noticeable and useful option is to paste all entries at once, which can be of your help in many scenarios.

Google - Mozilla Firefox_2010-09-20_14-55-06

Overall, Clipple is a really useful add-on which prevents you from loosing any data copied to clipboard. It is compatible with Firefox 3.0 – 4.0b8pre. Our testing was done on Firefox 3.6.10.

Clipple Add-on For Firefox

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