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Min.us Revamps Web & Desktop App Interface; Adds Aviary To Android App

Min.us is now Minus; the file sharing web service that gained popularity for making photo sharing easy now has a new domain and it celebrated by revamping both its Android and desktop application and tweaking the web interface a bit. The service though always referred to as Minus now has a domain name to match, the Android app which was somewhat lackluster is now new and shiny with Aviary editing features integrated to add effects to photos (Instagram still has more though) and the desktop application presents a better view of your timeline compared to the old one.

Minus image view

Whether you sign up or not, uploading files is simple drag and drop. You can create multiple galleries by dragging and dropping images (or other file types). Images can be viewed in either grid or linear layout or you can just go to full screen mode from the buttons in the lower right hand corner.

min.us desktop app

The desktop application and the Android app are the ones that have seen some real revamping. While previously the desktop application consisted of an icon in the system tray and a simple window that showed your uploading history, the desktop application now lets you add files directly to a gallery. While you can’t create a new gallery from your desktop, you can add files to an existing one. You can also delete a gallery and set its privacy from the main window. To add a file, simply drag & drop it on the icon in the system tray or open the main window by right clicking the icon and choosing Open Main Window and dragging & dropping a file on an existing gallery.

Minus desktop app

The Android app is by far the most impressive; with the integration of Aviary editing features, the app now lets you adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and colors. It lets you blur, sharpen, rotate, flip, crop, remove red eye, add whitening effect, draw, add text and apply four image effects (Retro, First Camera, Instant and Toy Camera) to any image taken with the app.

minus android effectsminus android

What is somewhat surprising is that the app scrapped the share link to Facebook, Blogger and Dropbox, feature and has limited it to sharing via Bluetooth, Bring Bookmarks, Gmail, via barcode or SMS. The gallery view in the Android app has improved and as opposed to showing upload progress has more useful features like uploading more images to a gallery, renaming the gallery, deleting it or setting its privacy status.

minus android app

Given that the web interface could still stand to see more improvement, the desktop and Android app have without a doubt improved a lot. Minus has also tweaked its extensions for both Firefox and Chrome and they are now compatible with the latest versions of the browsers.

For those of you who’ve bookmarked the min.us domain, you can keep using your old bookmark as you’ll be redirected automatically to the new URL.

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