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MouseControl – Switch Tabs, Zoom & Reopen With Mouse Buttons [Firefox]

MouseControl is a Firefox extension worth mentioning after the FireGestures extension reviewed yesterday. The extension lets you perform tab open, close, tab switching, zoom and restoring closed tab functions without the aid of keyboard shortcuts. Should you find that you might not like FireGestures but  that switching tabs with it was easier, you can use this extension. MouseControl allows you to zoom in either on an entire page or to just increase the text size, to switch tabs by holding down the right-click button and moving the scroll wheel, switching to the last active tab or restoring a closed tab all from a combination of mouse button clicks.

MouseControl options

Remember to first check all three options under Features. The controls are a bit confusing to figure out but here’s the simple break down. Functions are performed by either holding down or scrolling the mouse wheel in combination with either the right or left-click button. All functions are performed with the cursor inside the browser window and not on either the tab or the menu bar.

MouseControl Trigger Layout

To move between tabs, hold down the right-click button and move the mouse wheel. To close the current tab, hold down the right-click button and click the middle button/ scroll wheel. To restore the previously closed tab, hold down both the right-click button and the middle button until the tab reopens. To open a new tab, double click the right-click button, to duplicate the current one double click the right-click button and hold it down on the second click.

MouseControl zoom

The left-click button allows you to zoom a web page; normally you would have to hold down the Ctrl key and scroll the mouse wheel to zoom a web page. With MouseControl, you can hold down the left-click button and scroll up or down with the wheel to zoom in or out. Holding down the left-click button and clicking once with the middle button resets the zoom to 100%. You can choose to zoom in an entire page or just to increase the text size.

Install MouseControl Extension For Firefox

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