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MuteTab – Find And Mute Tabs That Are Playing Audio In Chrome

When you start browsing, you open multiple tabs at once; depending on how many links you find interesting you can end up with some twenty tabs open in a single window. But what if one of those sites you open has either a noisy flash banner, background music or videos that auto play? Finding and tracking down the tab might not be easy from those twenty or more tabs and this might be all the more annoying if you’re listening to a podcast or just trying to work in peace. MuteTab is a Chrome extension that lets you list down all tabs where the audio is playing (with options to mute them) without having to find, visit and mute them individually.


The extension adds a music note icon next to the URL bar. Clicking the icon opens a pop-up that lists all tabs that have any audio playing. Each page is listed with five options; Show, Mute (unsafe), Mute(safe), Restore, Close. The Show button brings the tab to front, the Restore button replays muted audio and both mute options stop audio.

MuteTab Options

You can also restrict the extension so that sound stops playing on tabs that aren’t active and only plays in the current tab. The extension doesn’t just stop videos but also works on Flash games and sites blaring out sound you might find annoying. The extension isn’t always able to restore the sound it mutes which is why it has a separate option to not mute sites it can’t restore sounds on.

mutetab context menu

The extension also lets you quickly stop and play audio across all tabs from the right-click context menu. The extension detects tabs with audio across different windows and not just the one you’re currently working in. Sadly, it couldn’t mute audio played on or from Grooveshark but managed perfectly with YouTube.

Install MuteTab Extension For Chrome

[via Gizmodo]

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