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Find Popular Apps In Your Area With Local App Market For Android

Android app stores – Android Market, Amazon Appstore, AppBrain et al – are a great way to keep a close tab on various apps that hit the market. Not only these platforms help you find the latest offerings from the developers community, but also let you sift through the entire catalog to kook out for your favorite apps. That said, there aren’t too many easier means to filter the rather huge lists of apps to whittle down the options accordingly. Yes, there are simple ways to part the paid apps from the free ones, but what if you were to find out the app taste of the people from a specific region?  Local App Market is a great way to find out popular apps among Android users around you. The app sports a rich graphical UI and can provide ample information about various genres of apps that are liked more in a particular part of the world. Also, Local App Market can help developers across the globe to reach out for specific target market and devise solutions pertaining to local app preferences. User defined search locations, app rankings, filtered search criteria, one-touch access to the Android Market and quick hands-on information about a particular app are some of the salient features of Local App Market.

The app has been designed to work just in portrait orientation. You can simply launch the app, feed in your ZIP/postal code and hit the Submit button. Local App Market will then display a comprehensive list of all the popular apps in the area specified. Brief info pertaining to the purpose of each apps is also stated. Scroll through the list of popular apps and select one that appeals the most. Once selected, the app takes you to another screen where you can view further information about the local rank of the app, its availability criteria (whether it’s free or paid) and comprehensive detail about its various features. You can visit the Android Market anytime to download a particular app by tapping the I want this! button. Also, you can easily swipe left/right at the bottom of the screen to check out other apps that are listed in order of ranking.

Next time you launch the app, it would automatically display popular apps in your particular area. Users can set manual filters to search for apps from a particular category and select whether they want to look for only free apps, paid apps or both.

Download Local App Market for Android

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