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Neiio: Import, Export & Group Contacts Across Different Platforms

You have your life scattered across your phone, social networking accounts and emails accounts. It is possible that as new and better services emerged and you adopted them, you never managed to move your life from one application or service to the other either because work tied you down to something old or your contacts wouldn’t move on with you. Neiio is a web service that allows you to import contacts from Facebook, Google accounts and LinkedIn, organize it into groups and export it to Gmail, Yahoomail, Outlook, or download them in Excel format. The app can convert contacts in to readable file format from Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7. Additionally the app also removes duplicates found in your contacts so you don’t have to worry about them when exporting contacts.

Sign up to the service, connect the accounts you want to import contacts from and click Import Contacts.

Neiio import contacts

The app will import contacts and list them in alphabetical order. To create groups, click Organize from the header and select which account’s contacts you want to generate a group for. The app generates groups of your Gmail contacts by default and filters duplicates out. It creates smart groups based on how you have grouped contacts, in the case of importing Facebook contacts, it detects who is family, categorizes contacts by work and even by gender.

Neiio groups

To export contacts, click Export and choose which service you want to export contacts to. You can choose which information of a contact will be exported i.e., First and last names, phone numbers or emails. If you’ve imported and grouped contacts from several accounts, choose which groups you want to export. Select either a mobile platform, an email service or a file format to export the contacts to. File formats that you can export contacts to Excel or to vCard format. When exporting to iPhone or Android, the app exports contacts to VCF format and emails them to the ID you specify.

Neiio export

In addition to supporting major mobile platforms and email services, the app also supports two CRM platforms; Nelis and SalesForce. To use them you will need to get in touch with the Neiio team and it is possible that importing or exporting contacts might not be free for these two.

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