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Open Mailto: Links With Your Preferred Email Service Provider

Have you shunned desktop mail clients while preferring to compose, save and send your messages from your online email service? If yes, then it’s likely that whenever you hit up a mailto: link to either complain or provide feedback or just get in touch with someone through their publically available email, you were far from successful in getting straight to composing an email. Mailto: is a Chrome extension that opens any and all mailto: links in your online email service, ready for composing. You no longer have to copy and paste emails in the recipient field, the extension supports Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Fastmail and Zoho mail.


Once installed, you will be prompted to select your email service and all mailto: links that you click will open in a new tab. You must be logged in to the service for the compose mail window to open. The recipient field will be prefilled with the mailto: email address.

Install Mailto: For Chrome

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