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EMCO Remote Console – Run Windows CLI Console Remotely For Connected PCs

Network tools are designed to gain complete control over nodes connected in LAN, but most of them are devoid of features to run command line console from remote locations. Therefore, it leaves administrators to a point where they have to manually launch the command line utilities on client systems or send commands to nodes in order to execute them. If you want to use the CLI console to perform basic Windows, disk, and network related tasks on connected nodes remotely from admin system, you need a tool like EMCO Remote Console.

The application was primarily developed to prevent admins from configuring each client manually, installing console applications, and deploying other complex network related utilities to use nodes CLI environments. The best part is that it doesn’t require you to configure nodes prior to establishing console connection. All that it demands is that you have admin rights to access and control clients connected over network. Once it’s done with verifying administrative rights, you can launch its interactive Windows CLI console to remotely run basic Windows, disk, and network related commands over any connected client.

EMCO Remote Console 1

To connect with all the nodes on the network, it provides a very convenient enumeration wizard to locate nodes on same workgroup automatically. Nevertheless, you can manually define IP range to locate client PCs on the network or add only specific connected clients by their IPs.

Enumeration Wizard

After the scanning process is finished, it will start showing the nodes in left sidebar, allowing you to connect with any of them. If you don’t have admin rights to use a listed node, you can always navigate to Alternate Credential window to enter username and password.

EMCO Remote Console

Once the connection has been established, it opens the CLI console window of selected node in main window, letting you perform Windows, disk, network, and other system specific tasks remotely. EMCO Remote Console works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download EMCO Remote Console

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