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Spell Checker For Visual Studio 2010 Corrects All Spelling Mistakes

Since Visual Studio doesn’t have native spell checker, you must’ve been missing those small squiggly red lines that appear whenever you make spelling mistakes in word processing applications. By default, Visual Studio doesn’t mark spelling mistakes in code comments and descriptions, license headers, associated code text files, etc. Thus it becomes an extremely wearisome task for user to manually scan each line of code to identify spelling mistakes. Spell Checker is a small extension for Visual Studio 2010 which not only marks spelling mistakes but gives suggestions as well to quickly fix them. This enables users, who often struggle to identify spelling mistakes in their code descriptions, comments and SLA details, to easily replace wrongly spelled words with correct ones.

Before installing the plug-in, make sure that Visual Studio is not running in the background. Just run the VSIX file to install the plugin. After installation, open Visual Studio and head over to Tool ->E xtension to check if the extension has been added to the list or not.

Spell Check works automatically; you won’t have to configure any settings prior to replace spelling mistakes with suggestions. When you open any Visual Studio project code file, it automatically marks spelling mistakes in commented sections.

presentation 2

To view the suggestions, hover mouse pointer over wrongly spelled word and click small pull-down menu button to pick one from word suggestion list. It supports numerous natural language portions of files, including, text files, source code files having strings and comment sections, and HTML/ASP, etc.

Download Spell Checker

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