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Change MAC Address In Windows 7 With Win7 Mac Changer

If you’re using applications which attempt to remove the restrictions but they often fail to bypass the accessing constraints, you probably need to change your NIC identification, also know as, MAC Address. The Media Access Control address is assigned by NIC manufacturers to network cards and is relatively difficult to change. Since it represents physical location of your node on the network, changing MAC address comes certainly useful to deceive location identification scripts which attempt to collect sensitive information for exploiting administrative rights.

In contrast to previously featured Tecnitium MAC address Changer, Win7 Mac Changer is utterly simple tool to change MAC address, allowing users to spoof their physical identification address on the network. All that is required to change the MAC address is to choose your NIC adapter from the list and click Change to either manually assign the MAC address or let it randomly generate MAC address for you.

mac 1

After it’s successfully changed your MAC address, you need to disable the network connection and then enable it to view the newly assigned MAC address from Network Connection Detail dialog.

According to the developer of Win7 MAC Changer, Windows 7 has a bug or restriction in place which makes it difficult to change the MAC address. The tool, however, works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download Win7 MAC Changer

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  1. Fuck these stupid softwares that tries to install shit in your computer, why can’t they put a clean installer.

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