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Open Zip & RAR Files Online Using Google Docs In Chrome [Extension]

People can build a love hate relationship with compressed archives; on one hand, they reduce file size but on the other if you’re working on a system without the software to extract them, you basically can’t get to your file. Open ZIP and RAR With GDocs is a Chrome extension that lets you open links to ZIP and RAR files in Google Docs from the right-click context menu. If the zipped file contains files that Google Docs supports like DOC, JPEG, XLS etc, the file will open in Google Docs. Don’t expect it to open EXE or other such files that are not supported, the extension is good for quickly viewing a zipped document without first having to download and unzip/extract it.

Open ZIP and RAR GDocs

The extension adds a Open with Google Docs option in the context menu when you right-click a link. The extension works only on direct links and not on download links. If the zipped file contains multiple files of supported formats, all files will be listed in Google Docs. If the ZIP or RAR file contains even one unsupported file format, neither of the files will open in Google Docs.

Install Open ZIP and RAR With GDocs For Chrome


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