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Ozone Suggest Web Results From 17 Sources In Real Time [Extension]

Ozone is a simple and smart Google Chrome extension which is designed to provide blazing fast search results in real-time from world’s most eminent search sources. Be it an article you are searching, Video, Images, Books, or your Facebook friends and updates, followers of Twitter, profiles at LinkedIn, files over at Google Docs & Dropbox cloud and so on, it covers all of them and shows the results under one hood with an option to edit the search engines list according to your requirements.

To view search results from all the provided sources, you need to sign-in to social media websites and cloud services, After you’ve logged-in, you can begin search to also see results/suggestions from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Docs, and Dropbox.

Once the extension is installed, you can begin search by clicking globe-imaged icon present in right-corner of window. Just enter keywords and it will start listing down suggestions from up to 17 sources.

Ozone - Google Chrome

From Ozone Options, you can enable/disable search sources. Furthermore, it comes with personalized Google search, while searching via Google, you can also include mails from Gmail account, search Facebook friends and updates, Google Docs documents, and Dropbox files. For this, under Google Results, enable the option and include all the sources.

ozone options1

A simple yet powerful extension for searching multiple sources and saving time.

Ozone Extension for Google Chrome

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