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Papyrs – Easy Document Management To Organize Your Company’s Workflow

Managing documents and information can be anything from difficult to frustrating; few people are willing answer emails and those asking for information/ suggestions (or anything else) are often ignored.  Papyrs is a web service lets you create pages; these pages aren’t like blog posts or a Jimmy Whales type message appealing to someone’s better nature for information. Papyrs acts as an intranet for information and file exchange; it lets you create multiple pages that you can add various form elements too, these forms can be filled by anyone you choose to share the page with, the information is saved and can be exported in CSV format. The text boxes, headings, Twitter feeds, checklists, checkboxes or radio buttons can be added to pages, in addition to that viewers can upload images and files and leave comments on pages.

Papyrs Settings

The interface is simple; to add an element drag & drop it from the top panel to your page and edit the fields as per your requirements. You can create multiple pages and choose which ones you want to monitor for changes. You can add people, set up your own profile, change color themes of your pages and control notifications from Settings and switch between pages from Pages.

For administrative professionals, these pages can make it easier to collect personal information from employees and getting their input. Of course the service isn’t just useful for administrative professionals, for researchers, this can be a great way of creating polls and getting opinions. What makes the service truly useful is that it makes information management easier; the data entered can be exported to a report which saves you more time than you can imagine. The service also has an archive function and it saves a new version of a page each time it is updated allowing you to go back and view older versions of the page.

The video below explains how to use Papyrs.

The drawback with the service; it’s free as long as it’s in beta mode. Price plans will be coming soon and while there will still be a free plan its bound to have fewer features.

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