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PDFPirate – PDF Restrictions Remover And Unlocker

So you downloaded or received a PDF document and later found out that it has some restrictions. You cannot edit, copy, or technically do anything with the PDF except read it due of restrictions. To unlock the PDF document you don’t need to download and install any 3rd party tools.

To remove all restrictions, simply upload the document to PDFPirate and it will automatically remove the restrictions. You can then download the unlocked PDF document and start working on it.


There are no restrictions at all, you can unlock as many PDF document as you want. But can only unlock one at a time. There is no option to batch unlock PDF documents at the moment.

PDF Pirate



  1. Hello Nakodari,

    Thanks for publishing the great post

    PDFPirate domain is expired. To remove restriction from Adobe PDF files I am using PDFWARE PDF Unlocker tool. The tool is capable to remove password from PDF File as well as it also remove restrictions.


  2. Interesting POst! And if you can’t remember your PDF password? Mac PDF unlock app is what you need! Using Mac PDF unlocker you can print, copy, and edit your protected PDF files again.

  3. There is also another site I found called http://www.pdfunlock.com/ that does the same thing.

    I will still bookmark this one though in case anything should happen to it.

    • No it doesn’t save the document, only unlocks and send you back. The unlocked document file is temporary and is removed after some time.

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