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PopList: Temporarily Save & Manage Tabs For One Time Use [Chrome]

Do you often bookmark random webpages just so you can open them later and not necessarily because they are important or useful? If so then it’s likely your bookmarks bar is a messy one. Reopening previously visited webpages is considerably easier if you sync your browsing history but it is still time consuming to have to go through it all to find the page you were looking for. If this is the case then, PopList is a Chrome extension that is a fast and simple solution to bookmarking content on the web just for the sake of reopening it later or on another system. It brings together fast one-click saving of webpages that are instantly added to a pop-up. When you click the Add option, the title of the page is automatically added to the pop-up. The saved pages can then be accessed by clicking their title. You should note that once the saved pages are opened through the pop-up, they are removed from the list. PopList works by letting you bookmark webpages both for personal or professional purposes, without cluttering the bookmark bar.

When browsing a website, simply click the button in the toolbar and click the Add or Add All option. As you do this, a bookmark will be created in the pop-up and your current tab or all tabs will be closed automatically. You can then access these websites at a later time, by clicking the title in the pop-up. In addition to that, you can click the Open All option to open all saved pages at once.


Access the PopList Options to enable or disable the Close tab when adding new page, Display Delete button for each link, Display the Open All Button and Display the Add All button options.


The extension is great but if it could sync across devices, it would be even more useful. Additionally, when opening all links via the Open All button, they open in the same window. Not that there is anything wrong with this, but things like this are best left to the user to choose. The extension isn’t a revolutionary way to temporarily save webpages and there are alternative or similar options like this available in the Chrome Web Store.

The extension is, nevertheless, suitable for casually saving blog posts, recipes, articles and any content you love browsing, but don’t want to add to the bookmark bar. It provides faster access and management, and can be grabbed from the link provided below.

Install PopList For Google Chrome

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