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Quickly Switch Tabs Using The OmniBar In Chrome

Tabbed browsing lets you search multiple sites in the same window; allowing you to group your work in one window. This works well if you’ve only got a few tabs open and you can see snippets from the Page titles but when you’ve got more than 15 tabs open in any one window, the Page title snippets are no longer visible and that means clicking on each tab to find the page you’re looking for. The OmniTab is a Google Chrome extension that lets you quickly switch tabs using the OmniBar in Chrome.

To use the OmniBar, press o (the letter o) and press either the Tab key or the Space bar. Write the name of the website you want to switch to and hit Enter. The extension accesses your browsing history to bring your required tab to the front. If you’ve got multiple pages from a single website open, OmniBar will give you a list of all pages open from that  site (once you enter the site name) and you can choose which tab you want to switch to from the list. It can search tabs from the window you’re currently working in and even in other windows that you have open.

omnibar tab switch chrome

If you’ve got the same page open in multiple windows, it will give preference to the tab open in the window you’re currently working in. If you have the same page open twice in the same window, it will give preference to the first tab from the left.

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