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Replace YouTube Video Comments With Those From Facebook [Chrome]

YouTube is great for watching videos and listening to music, but the comments left on videos are often profane, impossible to understand or cat fights in the making. This is probably why so many users now hide or disable comments on videos. Facebook YouTube Comment is a Chrome extension that takes a different approach towards comments posted on YouTube videos; instead of removing them, the extension replaces them with comments from Facebook. While Facebook comments aren’t the most intellectual conversation you can find online, they are, nevertheless, better than the ones on YouTube. With this extension, you will be able to actually enjoy reading comments on YouTube videos. It adds comments from users all around the world, which connects you with the great videos talked about on Facebook, making it possible for you to see what people on Facebook are talking about.

Once the extension is installed, it hides YouTube’s own comments and automatically adds Facebook comments under the video. On the left hand-side, you will notice that the number of comments is also displayed, an option that you can click and sort comments by Social Ranking, Chronological and Reverse Chronological options. Moreover, you will be able to view YouTube comments by clicking the Show YouTube Comment option.


The extension works well but you will only be able to see comments that have been made publically. If a user who has hidden their Timeline (wall) shares a video to it, you will not be able to read that particular user’s comment. There are one or two problem areas with the extension though. You can click the Show YouTube Comments option to see the comments but you can’t hide them back. Given the nature of the extension, perhaps there should have been an easy access option to toggle the app On/Off.

The extension improves your YouTube video watching experience, particularly with respect to how viewers respond to a video. It lets you enjoy videos and comments at the same time. If you love videos on YouTube, but are annoyed by the multitude of meaningless comments, then you should definitely install the extension from the link below.

Install Facebook YouTube Comment For Google Chrome


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