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Save, Store, And Manage All Your Passwords Online For Free With PassPack Password Manager

Do you use different passwords for different websites? It is difficult to remember all the passwords and even more worse to manage them. Those who forget their passwords have to use Forgot Password option in some websites. I have subscribed to more websites than I can count, and managing all the passwords is like feeding a hand to a lion! Thankfully there is one online password management service that rescued me from this mess.

PassPack is probably the best online password management tool I have come across. If you store your passwords on a piece of paper, in a text document or your email, then you should definitely check this out, after all it is free and secure.

passpack logo

The basic version of the service is free which allows users to store up to 100 passwords. To add 1000 passwords you will have to upgrade your account for 15 Euros/year.

The interface of PassPack makes password management a piece of cake for me.

passpack main page

Simply Click Add New,  fill in the details and click OK as shown in the screenshot below,

passpack entry details

You can set up your email address to receive emails in case of emergency. Your passwords are stored in 256-bit AES encryption which is approved by the US government which means your password can never be hacked and is totally safe with PassPack.

You can not only save your password, but can save your social security numbers, bank account numbers, and important contact numbers as well.

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  • I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

  • Hi addictivetips.com,

    Could you please also give LastPass.com a try at https://lastpass.com/

    It’s a free, cross platform, cross browser, password manager
    that integrated directly into your browser and supports
    advanced features such as one click login, seamless synchronization
    across all your PCs, automatic filling of forms.

    If you don’t find LastPass.com better or easier to use,
    we’d appreciate knowing why so we could improve it.


  • Thanks! Glad you like Passpack.

    One other great feature which you might have not seen yet is the ability to send passwords securely to another Passpack user, no plugin or installation needed:


    Tara Kelly
    Passpack Founding Partner

  • Jan

    All very cool! Since it is 21st century now and I like to log on anywhere.

    I just moved on to MashLife.com, with simply a glance and a trial last week, I found I’m so addicted to the magic throughout my iPhone, Facebook and the web.

  • wow…thanks good resourse

  • helperr

    I must be dense-minded, as I cannot find a download link here. Guess we have to google it. Thank you, anyway, for providing the info

  • Jorsh

    I prefer the cloud password manager IntuitivePassword, because the service is very stable and reliable, in spite of many other password keepers. With IntuitivePassword you can securely save and organize your passwords with ease.