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Search Apps For Any Operating System Platform With Quixey

What do you do when you need to find an app for something? Searching app stores is only effective if the apps are tagged right and the descriptions are written well. If you use Google, it’s likely you’ll get more reviews than actual apps themselves. Quixey is a search engine for finding apps for any platform. You can filter out paid apps and view only free ones. Quixey searches for apps for different operating systems (Mac, Windows), mobile platforms (Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, and iPhone) and browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE).


Quixey works like any other search engine, tell it what you need and it finds it for you only it focuses on apps. In addition to giving app descriptions, the search engine also gives you snippets collected from different sources. You can filter the results for the platform you need and choose to view only paid or free apps. Each result is accompanied by small icons to identify which platform(s) the app is for. Every app has its own page where video results and Twitter mentions are listed along with the link for downloading the app.

Drawbacks of the search engine are that the results are not listed according to app popularity, no. of users or from highest to lowest price.

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