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Search For Similar Images On Google By Drawing Them [Web]

Unofficial Google Image Search By Drawing is a web application that allows you to search Google Images by drawing shapes and anything else you like. You can perform Google Image Search by drawing anything in the box, take pictures from your webcam, or simply drag & drop images from your computer into the box.  Click the Search by Drawing button and results will instantly be displayed. The service offers users with multiple colors and different pencil sizes, which can be changed by moving the slider.

The app’s interface consists of a large drawing area, a slider below it that controls the size of the brush and a large range of colors to choose from for drawing. The app lets you add images from your hard disk or snap pictures from your webcam. Just below the colors, there is a Webcam link that you can click to connect the app with your webcam and then take a picture with it. Below this option you will find a Search by Drawing option that sends your image or drawing through Google Images and finds something similar.

To get started, choose a color, select a size, and simply draw anything you would like to search in the box. Alternative, you may use your webcam to take a pictures or drag & drop an image from your computer. Once done, click the Search by Drawing button.


Your drawing or image from the computer or webcam is displayed at the top of the page, whereas the matching or similar image results are displayed under the image. Remember that it’s looking for similar images. The results for pictures are obviously much more precise than they are for drawings. The app fails to find different sizes of the same image even if they exist online. You can take a wallpaper that you downloaded off some website and run it through the app and it will not find it again.


The app isn’t all glitch free. There is a noticeable delay between when you click Search by Drawing and the results page even begins to load. Often you might find you have to click it two or three times to get it to start processing the image. The drawing tool is very very basic with nothing so much as a tool to draw a straight line and it does make one think how accurate a picture can be drawn and questions the usefulness of this particular feature.

The service is free, and was tested in Firefox and Chrome.

Visit unofficial Google Image Search by Drawing

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