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Search On YouTube: Watch Videos Related To Specific Websites [Chrome]

Web browsing isn’t limited to a single form or type of content; the content you ‘Browse’ may be text (articles, reviews, opinionated editorials) Pictures (image galleries, artwork, photos, paintings) audio and video (songs, movies, short clips) and more. The trouble is, the content is so engaging that it gets difficult to watch all the videos, read every single article or look at all the new kitten pictures in the limited amount of time that you have. If your web browsing is just fun and play, missing a few things might not be that big a deal but when you’re browsing is related to work, it’s imperative that you learn to go through several different types of online media available. Take for example, a topic you need to learn the background of and you know a few videos on YouTube can help you cover it faster. At the same time you don’t really want to navigate away from the page you’re reading because it’s important as well. For such situations, Search On YouTube, a Chrome extension, can be of great help. The extension instantly searches YouTube for related videos that match search terms on the current webpage, and displays them in a compact window. It then allows you to watch them within the same pop-up, eliminating the need to open YouTube for each and every little search.

While browsing a website, simply click the button in the toolbar and a new window will pop up. The window is divided into three parts; at the very top is a search bar and below it is a media container for watching a video. Below this viewing area is a strip which will amass thmbnails of other related images from the search. When you hover your mouse over a thumbnail of a video, the description is displayed in a tooltip.

addictivetips youtube videos

Type in a query and hit enter. From the results displayed at the bottom, click a video and it will begin to play. The video is played in the same pop-up, and can also be watched in full-screen. In addition to that, you can also share the video on Twitter and Facebook. All controls that are available in the YouTube media player are available in the popup.

search on youtube window

This useful extension lets you experience and watch YouTube videos without having to navigate away from other important tasks. Search On YouTube can be installed from the Chrome web store link provided below.

Install Search On YouTube For Google Chrome

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