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Send And Receive Unlimited Free Voice Emails Up To 60 Seconds Long

Voice emails up to 60 seconds in length can be sent and received for free, thanks to Short Voice Message Service (SVMS). You can create an account at this web service using any browser that supports flash, after which you may send voice emails to any account that is registered with SVMS. It also works on Android and all mobile devices that come with a flash-enabled browser (sorry, iOS!). The service has both a free and paid account, where the free account lets you receive messages up to 60 seconds long, has an inbox capacity of 50 messages, and sends you email alerts whenever you receive a new message. Details after the break.

SVMS offers three types of accounts, free, beta and paid, and the default selection is for beta. Both the free and beta accounts have a limit of storing maximum 50 voice emails at any time. However, the free account has a message length limit of 30 seconds, and with beta, it increases to 60 seconds per voice email. Surprisingly, the paid account also poses a limit of 60 seconds per message, but storage is increased to 500 voice messages at one time. Hardly makes a significant difference in my opinion.

login screen

The homepage for your Short Voice Message Service is very basic, and has six tabs for Inbox, Sent, Compose, Contacts, My Account and Log Out. The first thing that you should do is add contacts for all those friends and colleagues who are registered with this service. You can add multiple contacts in an email group as well. The free and beta plan of this service has a restriction of 50 contacts per email recipient group.


Now, you can get down to recording your emails. With your microphone plugged in, click the record button at the bottom left of the window. Once you’ve recorded a message (should be 60 seconds or less), you can send it to any of the contacts stored on your contacts list. There is a small search box for looking up the desired recipients name from your contacts. You can also add a small message tag, explaining the nature of the voice email. Once you are done, just click the send button and voila! Your voice message has been sent! Whether you record your voice email first, or choose the recipient’s address, is up to you, as there is no fixed protocol for it.

checking email

The voice quality of this web service is quiet good, and apart from the dependency on Flash Player, you are not required to use any audio plugins etc, for SVMS.

Visit Short Voice Message Service


  1. As long as the intended recipient of the message needn’t register for and create an account on SVMS in order to receive and repy to messages, this isn’t a bad service.  I can’t tell from how everything’s worded, if the “contact list” is the one in one’s SVMS account, or if it can be any email or Windows contact list.  If it’s one in one’s SVMS account, does that mean that all persons on said contact list also have SVMS accounts?  It’s a little unclear.

    Again, though, if the intended recipient needn’t have his/her own SVMS account to at least receive a voicemail message (and, hopefully, also, if they don’t have to have one in order to respond thereto), then, indeed, this service isn’t bad… good, even.  I’m not sure how actually NEEDED it is, in the master scheme of things, but I can definitely see how it could be useful at times.

    However, if everyone who uses it at all must have an SVMS account, then that, to me, is the deal-breaker.  Imagine, using the telephone paradigm, every person who wants to leave you a voicemail message having to register for an account at your voicemail provider.  You’d never, believe me, get any voicemail messages (or you’d at least get darned few… a mere fraction of those you’d normally get).

    In that same vein, if peoplee wishing to leave an SVMS user a message must register in order to so do, then, again:  Deal-breaker.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but if the recipient of a sent message, or a person wishing to leave a message for an SVMS user, must register for and have an SVMS account, then I predict that SVMS, unless it changes how it works, will have shut-down within two years… likely less.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

    • And having now signed-up for it, and logged-in, here’s the message I just fired-off to the company…

      “PLEASE get rid of the red-lettered scrolling-to-the-left (ticker tape style) message crap!  Every usability study in the world decries it.  It drives the user crazy waiting for the freakin’ words to appear.  People — even people who have fallen in their heads too much — read faster than that.  Don’t try to control the speed with which people absorb things.  We’re all busy around here.  Just write what you want us to know, and put it somewhere so it can be read like any other text.  Simple as that.  No ticker tapes, for godsake!”

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