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ShowMeNonStop: Continuously Play YouTube Videos On A Particular Topic [Web]

If you are a fan of YouTube, and love watching one video after the other on the same topic, then ShowMeNonStop, a web application, can provide you with some entertainment. It is a YouTube-based video website that plays non-stop, high definition videos for you. The service comes with a clear and slick interface without any buttons or other distractions. To start using ShowMeNonStop, simply enter a search term in the Show Me search box, and hit Enter. Use your keyboard or mouse to Play/Pause and switch between videos.

To start off, enter a search term in the search bar and hit Enter. As you do this, a URL link will be generated for the non-stop video streaming. ShowMeNonStop lets you focus on videos, as it does not have any control buttons. You will only find the Show Me button at the bottom of the page, which you can click to search for something new. You can use the space bar to play/pause videos, and use the forward button or click on the video to go to the next song. ShowMeNonStop retrieves videos that are in high-definition, so users always get the best quality. Sit back, relax and listen to a list of songs from your favorite artists for hours without being interrupted or distracted.


While watching a video, you might want to change your search. Click the Show Me button, and the search bar will again be displayed at the center of the screen. Enter your search and enjoy streaming as many videos as you want.


ShowMeNonStop is specially recommended for people who would prefer a clutter free interface without any controls and interruptions. It can come in quite handy especially when you don’t feel like controlling YouTube playback. Frequent users of YouTube might find themselves using this app pretty regularly, and you can find it at the link below.

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  1. Hi, I found out about this showmenonstop about a week ago from this site. Do you know why it’s no longer working?

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