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SimpleMeet.me Provides A Quick Multi User Chat Platform Sans Logins

If you’ve ever found yourself working on a public computer or just one that wasn’t yours, then you might know how it feels; like you’re sleeping on the wrong side of the bed. Apart from not having everything where you’re used to finding it, there is also the fact that you won’t have all your frequently used programs installed on the system. Ignoring the possibility that a public computer might be host to a lot of malware and viruses, you might find yourself lacking your preferred chat program. Should such or any similar situation arise where you need to urgently chat with a friend, try SimpleMeet.me. It is a web application for chatting with multiple people at the same time, it requires no logins whatsoever and connects users with the aid of a four digit code. There is no limit to the number of users who can join a chat, you can share files one at a time and request a chat log to be emailed to you at the end.

To get started, visit the site and you will be given a code to share with your friends. Each code corresponds to a unique URL. Each time you visit the site, you are presented with a new code and each code represents a separate chat instance. To invite friends to chat, share this code with them. To join a chat yourself, enter the code that someone else has shared with you and click Go. Alternatively, you can share the URL given below the code and users can join the chat by simply going to the URL as opposed to entering the code on the website.

SimpleMeet chat code

By default, users join chat with names like user 1, User 2 ….User 1 billion, however, you have the option to change your username after joining the chat. All other users are notified when another user changes his/her username. To change your username, type in the one you want to use in the Your name field and click Change. All conversation can be seen in the main panel, the name of all active users in the chat is listed on the right. Type and send messages in the horizontal bar just below the main conversation panel. New users who join the chat cannot view past chat messages.


The chat application lets you share files one at a time but it isn’t P2P file transfer; your files are uploaded to the service and can be downloaded by any one of the users. The file remains available for download so long as another file is not uploaded. There is no way to delete files so be careful what you upload. To upload a file for sharing, click the Upload button and a dialog box will pop up. Select the file you want to download and click the Upload button on the dialog box.

SimpleMeet upload file

Once uploaded, the file will start appearing under Attachment and can be downloaded by any of the users. For Chrome users, the application gives you desktop notifications whenever a new message is received.

simplemeet desktop notification

A chat room remains active as long as there is one active user. Once all users leave a chat, it becomes inactive. No one can rejoin the same chat room or access it to get chat history. The service has a built-in feature that allows you to request a complete chat log before leaving the chat but isn’t all too reliable as per the service itself.

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