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Tabsflip: Switch Between Multiple Tabs In Windows Flip 3D Style [Extension]

Working with several tabs in Firefox can become quite confusing, and if you find it difficult to remember all your opened websites, then a browser extension, Tabsflip, provides users with an instant thumbnail preview of all the opened tabs in a pop-up menu, which conveniently allows you to switch between multiple tabs. Once you’ve installed the extension, you can easily switch between tabs using Shift+A and Shift+S button combination to access a preview pop-up, which displays thumbnails of all your open tabs. The Shift+A combination pops out a preview panel, whereas the Shift+S combination lets you scroll between the tab thumbnails, so you can select one and focus on it. TabsFlip gives Chrome and Firefox browsers a new way to switch between browser tabs.

Use the Shift+A combination to display the preview pop-up, and scroll through the thumbnails using the Shift+S keys. Select a thumbnail, and it will instantly appear in your browser window.

TabsFlip (2)

This is quite a useful extension that allows you to effectively manage all your open tabs, and gives you speedy access as you browse the web. The concept seems to borrow heavily from Windows Flip 3D application switching mechanism of the same kind. The extension is available for both Chrome and Firefox browsers, and can be found at the link below. It is worth nothing that the Chrome extension sets your homepage to the developers website, so be advised before you install it.

Install Tabsflip Add-On For Firefox

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