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Timerrr: Online Oven Timer Tells You When Your 60 Minutes Are Up

Whether you’re in to baking or not, or have only vaguely heard of that room in your house called the Kitchen, you probably still know what a timer is. A timer isn’t just needed to time a boiling egg or your lap speed (that’s actually a stopwatch), they have other uses and having one on your computer might be a good idea. Timerrr is a a web application that offers you a digital version of the traditional oven timer. Granted that you there still isn’t any way to cook on your PC and that the disc drive can’t bake cookies, a timer can nevertheless be used to tell you when a specific time period has expired and you need to get started on a task.

Question to be asked is, with so many to-do list managers that send you email alerts when a task is due, why do you need to rely on such a simple (almost primitive) concept as a timer? For those who work from home either full time or part time, a timer might be just the thing to alert them to another task. Instead of making lists of tasks, you can plan your time slots and the timer tells you when one is over. To start the timer, hover the mouse over the red arrow until a green button with arrows appears.

timerrr start

Hold and drag the button over the dial. The dial measures minutes and as you drag it out, you will see the time and seconds reflected on the right. Once the timer is set click Start. You can stop the timer any time by clicking Reset.

timerrr started

When the timer runs out, you get an audio alert. The tab the app is open in doesn’t have to be active for you to hear the audio alert, however, once the timer runs out, you must visit the tab to turn it off. After the timer has sounded, the app starts tracking how long it’s been since the time ran out. Click Close to stop the app.

timerrr time up

For those of you who’d like a little something more novel, you can switch to the app’s Egg Timer view. It’s the exact same thing only instead of looking like an over timer, it looks like an egg timer. You can set the timer to 60minutes or less. The app can be used to time a boiling egg or cookies in the oven; what you do with your timer is nobody’s business.

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