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Timeslot.me – Divide Tasks Into Time Slots For Better Time Management

Rewind back to a time without smartphones; people used diaries with hourly timeslots printed for each day to create a timetable. Fast forward to today and you’ve got Timeslot.me. Reminiscent of those old daily planning diaries, the free web service aides time management and lets you enter custom time slots, add tasks to each slot and define when you need to begin a task and what time you should be done with it. You can reorder your tasks by dragging & dropping, the service automatically detects if your new time plan has created an empty time intervals and displays it as free time.

Timeslot Plan Your Day

The service lets you add a task for any day of the year, and define the time slot and its duration. It also detects if you can’t reorder a task to start before an existing one based on the time needed to do both tasks and when you need to start them.

Timeslot enter time

When adding a task, mouse over the area on the start time; check at and enter the time you want to start a task at. You can also define an after time to start a particular task. Next select the duration of the task, click the default duration (1h) and pick the time needed to complete the task from the dropdown. To define an end time for a task, mouse over the end time and enter a time. If you check the Before box, the task is meant to end before your specified time interval expires, if you leave the box unchecked, the task will be scheduled to end when the time interval expires.

Timeslot pick duration

To enter a new item, click the Add Item button or if you want to add a task after a previously entered task, mouse over it and click the Add After button. Tasks can be rearranged and deleted any time. You must sign up to the service before you can use it

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