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UnitedStyles: Design Stunning Outfits & Get Doorstep Delivery [Web]

Are you tired of searching stores for a stunning outfit with the perfect fit? You no longer need to make those unending shopping trips to different stores, trying to find the right dress. UnitedStyles is here to help you follow the latest trends and look beautiful. This web app, with its amazing interface, lets you customize your clothes, allowing you to become your very own fashion designer and tailor. UnitedStyles will make you look and feel great, without having to spend exorbitant amounts on expensive outfits that you aren’t even sure how they’ll look on you. Using this app, you create and buy your own, totally unique, clothing, all at a very attractive price. You can create clothes with different styles, necklines, sleeves and prints, preview them in 3D, and have them delivered to your doorstep.

You can start designing your very own outfit from scratch, using the Design Your Own Fashion option. Alternatively, you may visit the gallery and start editing existing dresses to customize them for yourself.


UnitedStyles offers its customers with multiple styles, colors and prints. It lets you choose from five different styles (Rio, Chicago, Paris, Tokyo and London). Use the trim option to add different cuts, borders and bows to your chosen style. Furthermore, you can change the type of sleeves for your dress, ranging from cap sleeves, sleeveless to three-quarters. Once you’re done designing your dress, add different colors to different parts of the outfit.



A range of prints are available at UnitedStyles that you can select and add to your dress. You can scale these prints using the slider, and make them smaller or larger depending on your preference.




Finally, you will be able to actually see what your dress looks like in reality, by viewing it in 3D. The site comes with charts to check sizing, so that you’ll be able to adapt your designs as you go along.


The prices for all products are displayed at the bottom of the display picture. It also gives you a full detail of the material used.  An option is there to share your creations with your friends on Facebook, and find out what they think.


This is a very creative web app that lets you create gorgeous outfits . It follows the latest fashion and trends, and lets you design and recreate your outfits that totally stand out from the crowd. For now, the site lets you design mostly dresses and tops, but more styles will be added in the future. Come and design your clothes at UnitedStyles, and proudly show them off to the world.

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