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VHX: Online Video Sharing/ Watching With Social Network Integration [Web]

Finding and watching videos online can be quite a complex and fragmented experience, as we either have to search different services separately, or we can watch videos shared by our friends on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking websites. VHX isĀ a new web applicationĀ that brings online videos together and gives you a streamlined watching experience. With it, you can discover new videos by following friends and other VHX members who have a similar taste. Moreover, the service comes with a beautiful interface that displays high quality videos. VHX also lets you download a bookmarklet that lets you share or queue up videos from around the web. Currently, VHX only supports Vimeo and YouTube, but according to the developer, other services will be added soon.

To start off, you will have to create an account, or you can sign up with Facebook or Twitter.


Next, you can follow friends and other VHX members to access and watch their videos. The videos they share show up in your dashboard.

follow friends

VHX also lets you drag a bookmarklet to your Chrome bookmarks bar, that lets you add and share videos across the web.


Once done with the initial steps, you will be able to view your Dashboard, My Videos and Channels options in a toolbar at the bottom of the page. The videos from your channels and dashboard are displayed in a compact panel located on the left side, whereas the video takes up the rest of the space on the page.


VHX retrieves videos from an various popular Channels, such as Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter and more. Moreover, My Videos category also lets you view and access the History, Liked, Queue, Playlists and Shared options. You can also add new videos by clicking the (+) button, check notifications and access tools and settings for your profile from the toolbar.


VHX lets you follow other users with similar interests, discover new videos from various channels, add your own and share videos from across the web. The service comes with a visually appealing interface and a unique layout that gives you the ultimate video watching experience.

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