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Vibin.fm Is Like Pandora For Electronic Music [Web]

If you love Pandora Radio and want a similar service for electronic music, then you really need to give Vibin.fm a try. This gorgeous music service provides a simple way to discover and stream electronic music. Vibin.fm brings together the best of two worlds, generating it’s impressive music library from SoundCloud, combined with the ease and functionality of Pandora. With it, all you have to do is choose a Genre, DJ Set, Artist, City or Festival and stream unlimited tracks. Not only does the service come with lots of genres, such as Classic Trance, Deep House, Dubstep, Lovestep, Dirty Dub, Ultra etc, but also recommends new mixes based on the songs that you’ve been listening to. Additionally, your favorite vibes can be saved, shared with your friends and new artists can be discovered along the way. More after the jump.

Vibin.fm has a pretty slick interface, with Top Genres, Top DJ Sets, Top Festivals, Top Cities and Top Artists categories displayed in a panel located to the left of the page. You can start a station by selecting a sub-category from the list, and skip as much as you want to listen to a variety of songs. The four basic options at the top of the page let you control music playback in various ways; for example, Quick Vibe generates a random top list, whereas clicking the Discover option opens a new tab with a massive collection of artists. Also, a vibe can easily be switched by entering a query in the search bar at the top of the page. The player works perfectly and lets you switch tracks, adjust the volume, play/pause music and add them to your playlist.


To share a track on Facebook, Twitter or to copy the link, click the (+) button. Additionally, the track can be added to a playlist, provided that you’re logged in.

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Vibin.FM is powered by Soundcloud, which features a massive collection of electronic music with amazing quality. With it, you can discover and connect with various artists. The web application certainly deserves your attention if you are the venturesome music junkie, so visit the link below and give it a try!

Visit Vibin.fm

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