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ZipTabs: Quickly Archive Multiple Open Tabs In A ZIP File [Chrome]

Often, we want to quickly close our browser window but don’t want to lose all our open tabs. Specially when researching a topic, finding and opening all those tabs again can take forever. ZipTabs, a Chrome extension, solves this problem by allowing you to save multiple tabs into a single zip file. The zip file contains single HTML files with all resources included (e.g., images). ZipTabs has a pop-up menu displaying all your opened tabs, and you can always choose the ones you want to save. The extension also requires another extension, SingleFile Core, which can instantly be installed once you’ve installed ZipTabs.

To zip multiple tabs, simply click on the button in the toolbar, and a popup will appear with all your Tab links. You can either select all tabs, or a few of them by clicking the checkboxes. Click the Zip button, and a pop-up will appear on your screen, which will prompt you to add the Zip file name. Enter a name and hit OK. Progress bars in the popup will show you the download speed. Once the websites are downloaded, the ZIP file will automatically be downloaded to your system in the Downloads folder. To access your tabs later, you will have to extract these files.


The extension also allows you to import zip files by clicking on the Choose File button, but currently, this feature has some bugs, and is not functional. ZipTabs is quite useful for those who habitually work with multiple tabs and regularly need to save websites for later reference. It provides faster access and management, and can be grabbed at the link provided below.

Install ZipTabs For Google Chrome

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