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3 Free GIF Keyboards For iOS 8

The GIFV project by Imgur and the introduction of a GIF maker to YouTube are both indicative of the growing popularity of GIFs. GIFs have also made an entry in a far more unlikley place; keyboards in iOS 8. Following the announcement that third-party keyboards would be allowed in iOS 8, developers set to creating something truly awesome for the platform; GIF keyboards. For those who are unfamiliar with what a GIF keyboard is, it is a collection of GIFs that you can insert in messages without leaving your texting app or messenger. Instead of letter keys, you have GIF thumbnails featuring both popular and obscure ones GIFs from the app’s library. Here are three free GIF keyboards that you can download for iOS 8 now.


GIF Keyboard by Riffsy

This keyboard has been created by Riffsy, an exceptionally popular app that gave you a GIF library to use in your messages long before iOS 8 debuted with support for third party apps. The app has been around for well over a year and has a sizeable collection of GIFs that GIF Keyboard makes easily accessible for you. The keyboard features GIFs sorted into categories and a search feature that allows you to search the collection for the kind of GIF you need. It also features a QWERTY keyboard so that you can type more easily without having to switch back to the default keyboard.

GIF Keyboard GIF_Keyboard_1

Download GIF Keyboard From The App Store

Blippy – Make your own GIF Keyboard

Blippy is both a keyboard and a stand alone app. The app features different GIFs that you can favorite and add to your library. Unlike GIF Keyboard, this keyboard doesn’t overwhelm you with choice. In the app version of Blippy, you’re presented with GIFs that you save to your favorites library by swiping right. These GIFs are then easily accessible under Favorites. You can still search for GIFs or view popular ones. The downside of this keyboard/app is that the GIFs are small in dimensions though still of reasonable quality.

Blippy Blippy1

Download Blippy – Make your own GIF Keyboard From The App Store

Gifmoji – emoji animated gif keyboard

I’ve always loved emojis and the only thing that could make them better is animation. Gifmoji does precisely that although it doesn’t animate the set of emojis on the default keyboard. It has a smaller library of animated GIF emojis that you can insert in your text messages. It too features a library of GIFs although they appear to be more obscure than the ones other keyboards have on offer. Lastly, it also has a huge collection of text based emojis for cases where you’re texting someone with a device that won’t support GIFs or ordinary emojis.

Gifmoji Gifmoji1

Download Gifmoji From The App Store

If you don’t know how to add a keyboards to iOS 8, check out our guide here.

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