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How To Add Siri Shortcuts To The Share Sheet On iOS

Siri Shortcuts is a new app introduced by Apple for iOS 12. If you remember there used to be a popular app called Workflow that Apple acquired. That app is what formed the basis of Siri Shortcuts but this app is integrated with iOS like no other third-party app can be so it does more. You can create your own shortcuts, or you can add them from the gallery. They can be accessed from the dedicated widget but you can also use them from other apps if you add Siri Shortcuts to the share sheet in iOS.

The Share Sheet on iOS is the menu that opens when you tap the share icon in an app. The menu features apps that you can export items to, or other quick actions that you can perform such as copying a link, or saving an image.

Siri Shortcuts On Share Sheet

Siri Shortcuts are added to the share sheet on a per-shortcut basis. If you have, for example, ten different shortcuts configured on your phone, you may not want all of them to crowd the share sheet. You might not even want to, or need to use them all from other apps. This is why a shortcut is added individually to the share sheet.

To add a shortcut to the share sheet, open the Shortcuts app and tap the three dotted button at the top right of a shortcut. This will take you to the editing screen. Here, at the top right, you will see a button depicting switches which is basically the settings/options for that shortcut.

Scroll down and you will see a ‘Show in Share Sheet’ switch. Turn it on, and the shortcut will start appearing in the share sheet.

If you need to change the order of the items in the share sheet so that the shortcut appears first, or last, you can.

We should mention that the shortcut may not appear in every app’s share sheet. This may have to do with the nature of the shortcut. If a shortcut has been made such that it cannot accept any input then it may not appear in the share sheet since it can’t function that way.

For example, if you add a shortcut that can send a tweet with your current location to the share sheet, you won’t be able to use this shortcut from the Photos app. This is simply because the shortcut can’t do anything with a photo.

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