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Annotate, Blur Or Add Shapes To Screenshots On Your iPhone

Whenever I need to share a screenshot taken on my phone, I often have to stop to remove personal information from it. This process has me going through several different apps just to highlight the area that I want to bring attention to or add text to an image while scribbling over the information I want to hide. This is probably because most photo editing apps for phones are meant to enhance photos, frame them, or make them more visually appealing for Instagram. Apps that target screenshots are rare and often carry a price tag just to try out. Pinpoint is a free iOS app that lets you add text, a pixelated blur box, and arrows, to screenshots directly from your iPhone. The app has one color, red with bold white outline for the text and shapes however, you can get more colors with an in-app purchase.

Open Pinpoint and allow it to access your photos. Select the photo you want to edit. If you tap the little circle in the upper right hand corner, you can see the other colors that are available for purchasing.

Pinpoint_select_image  Pinpoint_color

The editor is fairly intuitive to use for a touchscreen. The arrow and rectange button add the respective shapes they represent. The text button lets you add text and the checkered button adds the pixel-blur effect. You can add multiple shapes, blurs, and text to a photo, and move them around.


Pinpoint does have shortcomings though. It doesn’t let you change the wieght of the lines of either the rectangle or the arrow shape and there is no in-app purchase avaialble either that allows you to do that. Similarly, it doesn’t let you change the size of the text. At the most, you will be able to fit in a few shapes, and two lines of text on an image and there will be little of it left visible. It also lacks an undo button and an erase feature. The app is nice but needs to fix these shortcomings fast.

The app charges a bit too much for unlocking a single color but the spectrum package is somewhat more resonably priced.

Install Pinpoint From The App Store


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