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How to Put iPad in Recovery Mode: 2 Best and Safe Methods to Try

Apple iPad is a truly reliable device. However, sometimes it may suffer from minor issues that make the device unusable for a while. You can quickly resolve such issues by entering the recovery mode.

Hence, it’s smart to learn how to put iPad on recovery mode before you experience any issues. You’ll be in an advantageous position should the device fails.

How to Put iPad in Recovery Mode 2 Best and Safe Methods to Try

What Is iPad Recovery Mode?

iPad recovery mode is an advanced troubleshooting interface for Apple tablets. It’s a failsafe tool through which you can install a fresh iPad OS on your faulty Apple iPad.

To install the OS, you need to put iPad in recovery mode and connect it with a Windows or Mac computer. If you’re connecting the iPad with a Windows PC, the PC should contain the latest version of iTunes.

Alternatively, if you’re using a Mac computer, use the Finder app for macOS Catalina or later and use the iTunes app for macOS Mojave or earlier.  

Reasons to Put iPad into Recovery Mode

Due to various issues on an iPad device, users search for how to put iPad in recovery mode. Some of the popular reasons are: 

  • The iPad stuck while installing iPad OS.
  • The iPad seems frozen when installing updates.
  • A software update didn’t go as planned.
  • The screen shows solid colors like black, blue, or white.
  • The iPad not unlocking.
  • The iPad not charging.

How to Put iPad in Recovery Mode: With a Home Button

  • Ensure the iTunes app of your Windows PC or Mac computer is up to date.
  • Connect the iPad with any of the above computers using the charging cable.
  • Press and hold the Home button and Power/Side button together.
  • The screen will turn black, don’t let go of the buttons yet.
  • About in a second or two, the Apple logo will appear. Keep holding and pressing those two buttons.
  • The restore screen will show up after a few seconds. Now, you need to release the pressed buttons.
  • The restore screen displays a computer and a cable connector.
  • That’s it! You’ve now entered the recovery mode of iPad models with a Home button.

How to Put iPad in Recovery Mode: Without a Home Button

How to Put iPad in Recovery Mode Without a Home Button

  • Connect the iPad with a computer with iTunes or Finder app, whichever is applicable.
  • Quickly press the Volume Up button and release it. It’s the button that’s closest to the Power/Side button.
  • Now, quickly press and release the Volume Down button too. It’s the farthest button from the Power/Side button.
  • Then, press and hold the Side/Power button until the restore screen appears.
  • You may refer to the above section to understand the look of a restore screen.
  • Congratulation! Your iPad has now entered into recovery mode. 

Final Words

Find above the answers to your Google Search query, “how to put iPad in recovery mode.” You may use any of the above methods depending on the device version.

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