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How to caption images in the Game of Thrones font on iOS

Game of thrones is going to go down in history as possibly one of the most popular TV shows ever, and also one of the most pirated. It has great characters and great one-liners that make for excellent picture captions. It’s not just the dialogue though; it’s typeface is as popular as the ones used in the Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings franchises. If you’d like to caption images in the Game of Thrones font on your iPhone, you can do so with an app called Game of fonts.

Game of Thrones font

Game of Fonts is a free app that you can download from the App Store. Run it, and the buttons at the bottom will allow you to select an image or a video to add a caption and frame to.

Add the video/photo first and then add either the font (first button from the left), or a frame (third button from the left).

The app does have the correct font, and the frames it has are relevant to the show but they’re both limited. The font size can be changed but the smallest it can get is still fairly large. There are three frames; the iron throne frame, a fire frame, and an ice frame. The font is available in these same variations and you can change the alignment of the text in addition to its size.

Once you have your image captioned, you can save it to your Photos or you can share it to one of the many social media apps it supports. The image does not feature a watermark or anything.

Game of Thrones is in its final stretch and apps like this are going to become common as the last season progresses. Other social media apps have also introduced special filters for it and Snapchat even has a special geolocked lens that only works in New York though it may have expired by now.

The real trick is going to be creating the right image and sharing it on social media. The fonts don’t make for great reading on all types of images. If you use a darker image, you can use the iron throne or ice font and frame. If you’re using a light mage, the fire version will probably be the easiest to read. If you’re looking to combine this app’s font with other social media apps, you should first create the image in the social media app and save it to your camera roll. Load it in Game of fonts and then add your caption.

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