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Check How Many Authentic Reviews An App Has On The App Store

The App Store has an exceptionally large number of apps available for iOS users. So large is the number that Apple boasts about it at least once a year when it announces the next iPhone. It may surprise you, or perhaps not, that the App Store has thousands of apps that have never been downloaded even once. Additionally, many app developers fall victim to app cloning where apps similar to theirs are copied and distributed under slightly different names. The point is, it’s hard to get visibility and downloads in the crowded App Store. One way to improve your chances is of course through app reviews. Unfortunately, these too can be fake. Companies that can afford to do so will employ people to leave positive reviews on their apps. Developers will often unlock certain features in their apps if people leave them a review or rating on the App Store. AppRecs is a little free web app that aims to counter all this. It lets you look up an app and judges how many of its reviews appear to be authentic.

Visit AppRecs and enter the name of the app you intend to download. AppRec will show you a list of matching titles and under each one, it will indicate how many trusted reviews the app has. You can also see the rating for the app on the App Store.


AppRecs only works for the App Store. You can filter the search results for an app by rating, price, and when it was last updated. You can also browse apps in a particular category.

Visit AppRecs

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