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Backup Your Android Notifications & Review Them After They’ve Been Dismissed

Notifications, once you dismiss them are gone with no way to recall them unless the app they are from has its own notification tab. If you’ve ever accidentally dismissed every notification on your device and later needed to look at one again, you might have wished there were a way to undo it. NotiBox is a free Android app that periodically backs up notifications and lets you review them any time. It also has a do not disturb mode that will stop all notifications but will still record and back them up.

Install NotiBox and grant the app permission to access your notifications. Once it has access, you can set it up to begin backing up the notifications. Tap the button at the top right and go to the app’s settings. If you’d like to back up system notifications as well, you will have to enable the ‘System Notifications’ option from the Settings screen. You can also choose how far back the app should back notifications up.

NotiBox-dnd NotiBox-settings

The ‘App Preference’ screen will let you choose which apps to exclude from the backup. To review notifications that the app has recorded and backed up, open the app and you will be able to see in a timeline the notifications you received. Tapping on a notification inside NotiBox will redirect you to the app they are from.

NotiBox-app-select NotiBox

The app creates an event in Google Calendars when you set it up and until you allow the event to be created, the app will not begin to back up the notifications. NotiBox does an exceptional job at bcaking notifications up and the timeline view it presents them in is easy to read.

Install NotiBox From the Google Play Store

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