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Set An Out Of Office Reply For Your Twitter Account

Twitter accounts of large brands are maintained by a team of people. It allows them to maintain an always active presence on social media. If you, as an individual, use Twitter to engage with potential customers, clients, or industry peers, you know that it too requires you to remain active on Twitter for extended periods of time. On Twitter, prompt replies are what get conversations going. It’s also normal to close Twitter and not stay active on the site since it means getting little to no work done otherwise. OOOTwitter is a simple web app that lets you set an out of office message for Twitter. You can set it up to activate after a certain number of hours and to remain active for as long as you need. When someone  tweets at you, it replies with an auto message that you have set in advance.

Visit OOOTwitter and  connect it to your Twitter account. To set the out of office reply, start out to when you want it to activate. The activation time is relevant to the current time, i.e., x numbers of hours from present. Set it to start after say one hour from now and then set how long the auto-response will continue to be sent out. You can set it up to remain active for any number of hours.

ooo-current twitter-ooo

The reply doesn’t go out immediately once someone tweets you something. It waits at least five minutes before sending your out of office message and it doesn’t seem to work for messages that have been sent to you. The response time needs to be improved but the app is flawless otherwise.

Visit OOOTwitter

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