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Sort All Reddit Posts Into Links, Pictures, And Videos

Reddit is increasingly becoming more and more popular and developers create skins and mobile apps to help people browse the site more comfortably. Each app, whether it’s developed for the web or for a smartphone, offers a unique way to go through the posts. Uforio is a web app that sorts Reddit posts by the content type. The posts are classified into three types; links, pictures, and videos. You can sort the posts on the front page, or you can go to any subreddit of your choice and have the posts submitted to it, sorted into these three types. The sorting effectively leaves out text based posts so you won’t be seeing much from subreddits like Writing Prompts, or Ask Reddit.

Visit Uforio and it will load the content on the front page of Reddit. The content will automatically be sorted into three columns and when you click on a post, you will be browsing that particular type of content. To visit a subreddit, click the folder icon at the top, click one of the subreddits listed at the top, or use the search bar to go to your favorite subreddit. If you like Uforio’s interface but prefer to browse posts like you do on Reddit, click the ‘Classic’ button at the top right, just below the search and settings buttons. You can set the default for how the posts are presented in the subreddits by  going to Uforio’s settings.

FRONT - Uforio

Browsing posts on Uforio is simple enough; when you click through to a post, the title appears at the top and the content will appear below it. For posts that are links, this means you will have to click twice to read it. With links, you have dedicated buttons below the title and link of the post for opening the link in the same tab or in a new window.

Cutest kitten ever - Uforio

You can sign in to Uforio with your Reddit account and upvote/downvote posts. Uforio also has its own service that you can sign up to and use to sync settings across devices.

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