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How to create an Instagram 3×3 grid post on iOS

Social media is not easy to manage and when the medium is mostly visual, as it is with Instagram, visibility is key. Unfortunately, visibility is also hard since users follow many accounts on Instagram, all trying to stand out. This has lead to the use of ‘grid’ posts on Instagram.

An  Instagram grid post is something that users have created to post larger photos. An image is basically broken down into a 3×3 grid or into 9 parts that are then posted in a certain order. When viewed on an account’s profile page, the image is easily reconstructed and seen as a whole. Here’s how to create an Instagram 3×3 grid post on iOS.

Instagram 3×3 grid post

In order to create an Instagram 3×3 grid post, you need to use an app that will break the photo down into 9 parts, and help you post them in the correct order. There are both free and paid apps that can do the job. The free apps come with a watermark and most paid apps ask that you purchase a subscription but Photo Grid – Create Grids Pics is the exception.

You can use Photo Grid – Create Grids Pics to create a 3×3 grid post on Instagram and it won’t add a watermark to it. It does show you ads but you can pay to remove them if they bother you too much. Install the app and tap the Grid option on its home screen to get started. Select a photo to break down into a grid, and then tap Next.

You can edit the photo before it’s broken down and you can also select what sort of grid it is divided into. It supports a 3×3, 2×3, and 1×3 grid among others. Once you’ve made all the edits, tap the next button at the top until you get to the screen showing you the order to post the photos in. Tap the photo numbered ‘1’ and share it on Instagram. Follow this in order and when you’ve uploaded the 9th photo, you grid post will be complete.

Visit your own Instagram profile and you will be able to see the 3×3 post.

It goes without saying that this arrangement will change when you upload another photo. In order to keep the arrangement from being disturbed, you will have to upload three photos which will push everything down by one row, but still keep the arrangement as it is.

These posts look good and encourage users to visit your profile since they’re unable to get the full/big picture from just their own feeds.

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