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How to delete a Snap from your Snapchat story

The concept of a social media ‘story’ was coined by Snapchat. It’s been copied by many other social media platforms like Facebook, and Instagram but, the Snapchat version still performs better. You can attribute this to the platform being more suitable for that sort of content, or the fact that Snapchat just has better tools for engagement but, there’s no denying that a Snap story is better than an Instagram or Facebook one.

A Snapchat story is basically the equivalent of a status update but it’s visual, and it expires after 24 hours. You can add as many snaps, photos or videos, to it as you want. Each item is added chronologically. Adding a Snap is easy but if you later want to delete a Snap from your Snapchat story, you can. You do not have to wait for the 24 hours to expire in order to do so.

Delete snap from Snapchat story

Open Snapchat and tap your avatar/story thumbnail at the top right. This will take you to your profile screen. Here, you will see your Snapchat stories. Tap the story you want to delete a Snap from. The story will play out in chronological order so tap the screen until you get to the Snap that you want to delete. Once you see it, tap the three dots/more options button at the top right.

You will see a delete button appear on the Snap. Tap it, confirm that you want to delete the Snap, and it will be removed from your story.

If you want to save the Snap so you can edit and post it later, you should first tap the download like button next to the delete icon. This button allows you to save the Snap to your memories, or your camera roll, or both. You can then recall an image from there, edit it, and post it to your story.

As far as reposting goes, the Snap will be dated to the day it was originally created/saved. When you post it again to your Story, viewers will know the image wasn’t taken at the exact moment it was posted on. The edits will all be permanent so if you applied a filter, added a GIF, used stickers, or added text to the Snap when you posted it, and then saved it from your Story before deleting it, all the edits made to it will be permanent. You can add more text, GIFs, stickers, etc., but the ones that are already present are not going to be editable.

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