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Easily Mail All Attendees Of A Calendar Event On iOS With ‘Reply To All’

Organizing a successful event requires frequent correspondence among the host and invitees. Trying to make a new mailing list for every new event is not very practical, and leaves room for some contacts getting left out from the correspondence. There are third-party apps that offer some pretty neat solutions to this problem, but most people prefer using the stock Calendar app in their everyday routine. Reply To All is a really simple app that lets you mail all the contacts that have been invited to a particular event. Reply To All uses the stock Calendar and Mail apps to ensure that you aren’t forced to switch to a new email client or calendar to get such a simple functionality.

Reply To All iOS Calendar Reply To All iOS Events Reply To All iOS Mail

Reply To All just has one screen, and no configurable settings, which is a great thing as it keeps it all as simple as it gets. The home screen of the app shows all the events that are marked in the Calendar app for the current day. This feature is meant to give the app some extra simplicity, but it is also Reply To All’s biggest shortcoming. The presence of only one day’s events makes the app useless for all future events over the next days. Admittedly, most such correspondence is last-minute, but it would have been nice to get an option for using the app for all future events.

Each entry on the Reply To All main page displays the event’s time, location and the email ID of the sender. The badge over the small mail icon signifies the total number of people who have been invited to the event. To mail all the attendees, simply tap the event’s entry. Reply To All adds the email addresses of everyone (including the hosts) to the email’s recipients list. The message body consists of the event’s description imported from the calendar. You can edit the mail’s contents, add or remove contacts from the list, and change the sender address.

Reply To All might not sound like a really useful app for smaller events but if the invite list goes beyond 20 or 30 people, you are sure to appreciate it. To make it perfect, the app just needs an option to let users browse events from both past and future dates. In its present state, we still recommend you to give the app a shot if you find yourself struggling when it comes to contacting attendants of your events. The app cost you nothing, and does not mess with your calendar events in any way. Reply To All is optimized for iPhone/iPod touch.

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