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How To Enable And Disable Two-Step Verification In Whatsapp

Whatsapp has added a new security feature; two step verification. The feature was initially rolled out to select users but has now been made available to everyone using Whatsapp. Two-Step verification in Whatsapp adds a second layer of security to ensureno one can set up Whatsapp using your phone number. When you enable two-step verification in Whatsapp, any time you need to set up Whatsapp on a new device you will have to provide your passcode. Here’s how you can enable and disable two-step verification in Whatsapp.

Enable Two-Step Verification

Open Whatsapp and go to Settings>Account>Two-step verification.


Tap ‘Enable’ and enter a six digit passcode. You will have to enter it twice; once to set up and once to verify it. After you set the passcode, Whatsapp asks you for your email address.

The email address is associated with your phone number and serves as a means of recovering or resetting your passcode should you forget it. You can skip it if you want.

Disable Two-Step Verification

Open Whatsapp and go to Account>Settings>Two-Step Verification. Tap the ‘Disable’ option. You will have to enter your passcode once before two-step verification is disabled. You can also change your passcode from this same screen but again you will need to verify the change by entering your old passcode.

Two-step verification in Whatsapp is meant to prevent someone from setting up the app with your phone number. In the event you lose your SIM, or someone manages to have a duplicate SIM issued, the passcode will bar them from setting up Whatsapp for your number.

If you use Whatsapp on your desktop, it will not ask you for the passcode when you start a new session. It assumes that it’s you since you have to scan a QR code with your phone to sign in.


  1. how do i block my whats up after retrieving my lost sim .i tried installing my whats up on my new phone with my number but the person has put two step verification on my phone.thus i cant install my whats up…kindly help

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