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Flex Lets You Create Your Own iOS Jailbreak Tweaks Without Any Coding Skills

The Cydia store has no significant rival for now in the jailbreak community, and it is pretty much the only place where you can get quality tweaks for iOS without having to worry about security issues. A few independent repositories have surfaced over the years, but none of them have managed to earn the trust of jailbreak users. Flex, however, approaches this matter quite differently. This new Cydia app brings tweaking to the masses. You don’t have to be a programmer to make modifications to your iDevice; all Flex asks for is a basic knowledge of the iOS file system. Even if you don’t possess that, the app is a good place to come across some great user-created mods for system and third-party apps.

Flex Cydia Home Flex Cydia Unit Flex Cydia Library

Flex’s tutorial is a must-read if you want to understand the app’s full potential and basic usage. In the documentation, the developer guides you through making your first tweak, giving you a general idea of how things are supposed to work in Flex. This tutorial can be accessed from the third tab in the bottom bar.

To create a new ‘Patch’ (Flex’s name for a tweak), hit the ‘+’ icon on the main page. Next, specify the app or part of OS that you intend to modify, from the list of all third-party and system apps shown in Flex. Once you have chosen the app for tweaking, give your patch a name relevant to its purpose. The next step is to add a ‘Unit’ to the patch. A unit is basically a method or class chosen from the target app’s library. This where your knowledge of iOS’ file system comes into play. You have to judge the method’s purpose from its name, and if you can’t decide upon the value that should be altered to make the tweak work, there is always the option of searching for the correct class or variable from the net.

Flex Cydia Apps Flex Cydia Patches Flex Cydia Download

If the above discussion proved to be a bit too much for you, or you can’t find your way through the maze of libraries that constitute the iOS file system, Flex is still not a complete waste of money. The app has an ever-growing library of user-created tweaks, pertaining to all areas of iOS. Just enter the ‘Cloud’ tab and select the app that you want to modify. There are plenty of mods listed against each Cloud entry, complete with a text description, author name and the number of time it has been downloaded. Although Flex claims to have safeguards in place against serious damage to device or software, it’s still better to always exercise care when downloading stuff from the cloud. If things go wrong, all patches can be toggled from the app’s main screen with a single tap.

Flex costs $3.99, which is a fair price for such a unique and useful app. Give it a go by heading to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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