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GPlayer: Easily Transfer & Play Any Video Or Audio Format On Your iPhone & iPad

Android supports Flash while iOS doesn’t, and this is a point that comes up in a lot of smartphone comparisons. Fortunately, the App Store is full to the brim with tools and utilities that cover many of the shortcomings that plague the iPhone. That’s what makes GPlayer a must-have for all iOS fans who like to use their device for watching a lot of videos. This awesome media player can play just about any video format and all popular audio formats, making it an excellent alternative to the now-Cydia-exclusive VLC Media Player for iOS. Not only that, the app supports loop playback and continuous play. Copying video files to the app is extremely easy as well; it can be done both over WiFi and via iTunes. Read past the jump for details.

GPlayer iOS GPlayer WiFi

To get started with GPlayer, you have to import your video files to the app. The easier way of doing so is over WiFi. The app will provide you with two addresses (one for HTTP, while the other is FTP one), and you can access the GPlayer library from your desktop web browser using the provided addresses. The alternative method for file transfer is via iTunes. To do that, connect your device to your computer, go to iTunes (syncing is not necessary) and look for GPlayer in the Apps section. Just drag-and-drop the video files in the app’s Files section.

GPlayer Wi-Fi SharingFrom the web interface of GPlayer, you can create new folders, upload files to the app from your PC and rename your videos. The app supports a lot of formats, including WMV, FLV, MPG, AVI and many relatively obscure ones. You can use GPlayer as an audio player too, as most audio formats are supported by the app. Another great thing about GPlayer is its subtitles integration, and you can view subtitles via separate files associated with a movie, or through the app’s built-in subtitle support.

GPlayer Settings GPlayer Gestures

The app has some pretty neat gesture controls, and you can swipe to make the video go forward or backward. It is also possible to customize these gestures, and add new ones, via the Settings menu in GPlayer. From the same menu resume mode, repeat mode and iTunes Backup can be configured as well. If the video is not running smoothly (happens for high-definition MKVs), enable the Skip Frame option from the GPlayer settings. For privacy-conscious users, GPlayer offers password protection.

GPlayer VideoThe video player in GPlayer is quite good, and you can stream the video content to your TV (if you have an A5 device). The remaining video controls are pretty similar to the stock videos app in iOS. GPlayer works in both landscape and portrait modes, and the app is universal (optimized for both iPhone and iPad). You can grab GPlayer for free, but for a limited time only, so hurry up and click the link provided below to head on over to its App Store page.

Download GPlayer


  1. Thank you so much for the print screens! I felt like such an idiot for about an hour now, searching the internet for a clear explanation and it worked directly with your explanation.

    • At present, most iOS video players aren’t playing sound of videos that are on AC-3 codecs due to copyright issues. The only option you can try is this app

  2. I down loaded the lastest itunes and it has a new format one screen screen show all apps. Before there is 2 screen where I can use the Gplayer for down load from PC to ipad. Can anybody help me on how to do as before with new itunes

    • Connect your phone, wait for iTunes to detect it and then head to the ‘Apps’ tab in your phone’s section. Try getting the songs to your device from there.

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